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Be careful of how much peated malt you use. I made a peated strong scotch
ale with 1 lb of peated malt and 3 years later it is still too much to make
it palatable. I would suggest a test batch with 4 oz first and see how that
works. I would hate to see you blow a large malt bill with too much peat. A
little goes a long way.

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I made a scottish strong ale using Sweet Gale and Heather tips.  This was a
Pro Mash recipe that I upsized to 6.5 gallons.
The recipe called for 0.50 gm of Sweet Gale and 1 oz. of heather tips.  Also
1 oz of Kent goldings.
This created a Quality of bitternes barely perceptibly different from all
hops.  Next time I intend to double the amount of heather. 
Any Strong Ale recipe should work.  For my next batch I intend to use 1-2
lb. of peated malt.  
Read Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers by Stephen Harrod Buhner, Brewers
Publications, Boulder, CO for more info on herbs.  This should be availible
at your library or by interlibrary loan.
Good Brewing,

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