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Marc Shapiro mshapiro_42 at yahoo.com
Thu May 19 18:32:32 PDT 2005

Linda Short wrote:
>>    As it is illegal to ship wine to the end user in many states (its a
> I believe that was just struck down.
> I know it was here in Oklahoma.
> This was within the past week or two.

It was just two, or three days ago.

As I understand it, however, the Supreme Court ruling simply says that a
state can not prohibit direct shipping from OUT-OF-STATE while allowing
direct shipping from IN-STATE.  All a state has to do is say "No direct
shipping, period" to prevent it.  That is still within their rights,
according to the current ruling.

It will take a while for this to sort itself out, as states either
decide to accept, or reject ALL direct shipments.  They could even have
various restrictions on direct shipments.  As long as the restrictions
are the same for in-state shipments as they are for out-of-state
shipments they are OK.  Even with this ruling, we are still going to see
a variety of situations out there.  I would not start sending wine all
over the country, just yet.

That said, this should, I hope, make interstate wine shipments easier
than they are, but it will take time.

Marc Shapiro
mshapiro_42 at yahoo.com

Marc Shapiro
mshapiro_42 at yahoo.com

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