hist-brewing: Greetings, and a request

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Mon Apr 25 16:37:03 PDT 2005

Greetings and salutations,

My name if Myfanwy (everyone calls me Mev for short)  and I'm from the 
Shire of Sol Haven in Meridies.  I do all kinds of stuff and have been 
interested in vinting and brewing for a while, I just haven't managed 
to get any of the equipment yet, the armour is coming first.
I also cook, and I'm one of the co-feastacrats at Sol Haven's first 
event this year, Legends (The Legend of the Icenii Revolt, 64 AD).  My 
request has to do with this position.  I've got a very very very 
limited budget, and a couple of dishes the require wine.  One is a 
white to go with chicken, the other is a red, though I'd really like to 
use mead instead.  Part of the problem comes from my allergy to 
sulfites, so comercial wines aren't what I want to use.  I will if it 
comes down to it, but I was wondering if anyone on here could point me 
in the direction of someone who crafts wines who does not use sulfites, 
and can accomodate a poor feastacrat's very meager budget.  I'll need 
the wine for the event by June 1, and will need to purchase some for 
the test runs of the food as well, though I'm not yet certain of that 
date, it will be soon.
So to sum up, hello, and can you help me find a white wine sans 
sulfates, and either a red wine or a really good meade (also sans 
sulfates) that are inexpensive? (you can email me directly at 
helygen at aol.com if you like)
Thanks much for the consideration,
Myfanwy Afrwydd,
Shire of Sol Haven
Kingdom of Meridies

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