hist-brewing: wooden cask

Charles Lauder, Jr CNJ at lauder-mander.fsnet.co.uk
Tue Apr 27 01:42:35 PDT 2004

I've acquired a 5-gallon wooden cask from an antiques fair. The seller didn't know whether it was used previously for sherry or
beer, or even wine. I intend to use it for beer. I've been filling it full of water to expand the wood to minimise leakage when I
later add the beer--so far this seems to be working: each new fill-up of water involves less and less leakage. Other than that, does
anyone know how to treat/prepare a wooden cask for storage of ale? What sort of steriliser is recommended?

I also have a brass spout--polished and cleaned--that I intend to use with it. Does anyone have experience with these, or know of
things I should be aware of when using it?


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