hist-brewing: Mini-Kegs and Carbonation

David Stout stout at mindspring.com
Sun Apr 11 09:35:55 PDT 2004

Mini-Kegs and Carbonation


I'm referring to those little 'party kegs' you buy from the 'beer store'.  


Space is a premium when you live in a small apartment, which is why these little kegs, are appealing.  They easily fit in the fridge.  I have had mixed results carbonating beer in these by priming.  Is the gas gradually escaping through the bung at the top of the keg?  One way around this I suppose would be to condition the beer with the keg on it's side.  The problem with this however is that you would stir the yeast residue at the time you tap the keg.


I have read that these little kegs do not have the constitution to carbonate artificially.  Could this be attempted using a carbonation stone and much care?  Has anyone attempted something similar?  Am I constructing a 'Beer Bomb"?
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