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My review of the book as it appears on Amazon.com:

While the author has obviously worked very hard and done a lot of research, the book he has produced is a lot like many other things in nature - beautiful but also deadly and carrying few warning labels. While I don't advocate kneejerk acceptance of FDA opinion, I do object to presentation of recipes for beers which include henbane and jimson weed and other potentially toxic or damaging herbs. By all means, buy this book if you are seriously into brewing, it contains a lot of good information and background. But at the same time, I also urge that it should not be one's only source of information. Be especially careful when working with unfamiliar herbs, and consult at least two other sources before using them. Herbal field guides are a good place to get accurate, scientific information about herbs. 

The author's point of view is spiritual rather than scientific. It's ironic in the section about the "Corn Woman" that he makes a nod to science, but in general his view of the scientific method is antagonistic. It would have been nice to see a *balance* between the scientific and the spiritual instead.

In closing: nice effort; and yes, worth buying, especially if you are a serious brewer...but BE CAREFUL. 

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> Has anyone read Stephen Buhner's book "Sacred and Healing Herbal 
> Beers: The Secrets of Ancient Fermentation"? If so, what did you
> think? Did you find it useful? Does it have good recipes?

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