hist-brewing: artemisia m.

Sebastian Manetti sebastian at mongiovi.net
Tue Mar 23 14:29:51 PST 2004

> It appears to be sold sometimes as an ornamental plant, so you might have
> grow it yourself.
> At certain times and places old-time brewers viewed wormwood species as
> interchangeable for brewing purposes, so it's somewhat legitimate to
> substitute mugwort (A. vulgaris) or A. absinthum, which were both used in
> beer at that time.

After much searching, I've pretty much come to the same conclusions .. The
recipie I'm trying is also in "A Sip Through Time" and lists Sea Wormwood in
the original text and Mugwort in the redaction .. Cindy Renfrow was gracious
enough to tell me that I was right that these herbs are not the same .. I
guessed that me (a novice brewer) must be missing some crucial piece of info
that Cindy knew .. In any case, if the interchange-ability is true, she was
right as well ..

I have checked about 20 or so herb shops in person, on the phone, and on the
internet and come up blank with getting A. maritima in dried form .. So, in
the short term, I'm going to wind up using Mugwort for my recipie, and in
the long-term, I did find seeds for Santonica (an A. maritima variety) and
I'm going wind up growing it myself .. You know, trying to be a period
brewer is certainly turning into an education .. I've become brewer, cook,
and gardener .. ;)

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