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Sun Feb 8 18:08:25 PST 2004

I agree with the responses posted to your inquiry about John Harrison's 
homemade and roasted malts. The suggestion from Randy Mosher to utilize a bit of 
American 6-row malt in your grain bill is the easiest way to convert your 
homemade brown malt.
I have successfully brewed several of John's recipes with a a pound or two of 
6-row added to the grist for the additional enzymes they provide.  John's 
suggested aging times for his beer recipes are essential to allow the many highly 
roasted and hopped beers to develop the proper balance and taste.  
Bob Grossman

> Subject: hist-brewing: Brown malt equivalent?
> Greetings,
> I've recently been trying my hand at brewing beers from historical
> recipes.  Dr. John Harrison's _Old British Beers_ has been a great
> resource for recipes, as well as for hints when trying to generate
> modern equivalents from old books

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