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argyle at excite.com (argyle at excite.com) said something that sounded like:
> There is a bit of medieval tradition in adding meat to fermenting
> beverages. The first one I ran across was for a "mutton wine", the
> second for "cock ale". A colleague of mine (Hi, Ateno!) made some of
> this ale (essentially a strongish ale with a cleaned chicken added to the
> fermenting wort); it was oddly good: richer and heavier on the palate than
> one might have guessed from the malt and aroma, with a definite meaty
> quality to it. The only major differences in handling it are skimming
> the fat off daily (to avoid rancididty), and straining out the bones...

I'm gonna have to go back to my research books, but the only time I've
seen "cock ale" listed is in the cooking section of manuals. As an
example, Digby, which I know has this, very clearly seperated his book into
drinks and food. (Of course it wasn't actually organized by Digby, so
maybe it was misfiled.) Now there are many items in the food section that
may have alcohol in them.


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