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Sun Nov 9 13:22:48 PST 2003

There is a bit of medieval tradition in adding meat to fermenting beverages. The first one I ran across was for a "mutton wine", the second for "cock ale". A colleague of mine (Hi, Ateno!) made some of this ale (essentially a strongish ale with a cleaned chicken added to the fermenting wort); it was oddly good: richer and heavier on the palate than one might have guessed from the malt and aroma, with a definite meaty quality to it. The only major differences in handling it are skimming the fat off daily (to avoid rancididty), and straining out the bones... 

The mutton wine (to a barrel of working wine, add a clean and dressed sheep) I've never had (nor heard of anyone attempting), but I suspect that it could be quite enjoyable.


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