hist-brewing: Question on scrumpy

Tim Bray tbray at mcn.org
Sat Nov 8 15:51:35 PST 2003

> > Authors frequently comment on its roughness or sourness;
> > it was probably often partly acetic and  undoubtedly had
> > Brettanomyces infections.
>"Medieval Lambic?"  ;)

Something like that, maybe!  I'm basing that on descriptions of farm style 
cider as having "barnyard notes," or even FYM (Farm Yard Manure)... sounds 
awful, but in the right proportion this is desirable in cider.  But... in a 
well-made cider, FYM probably comes from lactobacillus activity (related to 
the malo-lactic conversion, which smooths out the acidity) and produces 
only a slight FYM character.  Bretts are harder to control, and if they are 
too active the cider will be "mousey" (smells like mouse droppings or 
urine).  Ick.


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