hist-brewing: re: harvesting hops

Laura Barrowman emmasmum at bellsouth.net
Wed Oct 8 10:03:44 PDT 2003

Unfortunately I just gave away my "grow you own hops" book so I am 
pulling this info from my less than perfect memory.

I recall hops should be harvested green just as they begin to open.  
Early harvest preserves more of the aromatic oils.  If the buds were 
allowed to age until brown on the vine,  oxidation may be a problem.

Though I've had no luck growing hops in the hot,humid south - I do know 
I have bought many whole dried hops cones and they are always green - 
almost chartruese (sp?).

Congratulations on a healthy hop crop!


P.S. Sharon, [the lady who won my "grow you own hops" book at SSBB brew 
competition this past labor day] if you are on this list will you please 
contact me off the list?  I have some other insight for you re: your 
mead.  For health reasons - my taster was off.  Good thing I didn't judge!

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