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I have about 20 hop plants, and I recommend harvesting them before they turn brown. I check their content of lupulin by looking between the petals of the cones in the month of august. I then crush one cone between my fingers to see how they smell, the cones should be very aromatic when harvested and your hands become sticky if you have to pick hop cones for a whole day like me. I dry my cones before use. I have never known any one to use un-dryed fresh hops for brewing. I have tried a few differnt ways to dry hops, and finialy do what my friend Pierre Rajotte does.  Which is spreading them divided by variety in a thin layer upstairs in my barn. If you do not dry your hops enough before storing them in a air tight container they will be ruined, they need to be well dryed before storage. You can either freeze your hops, or like me just store them in large air tight containers. If the cones are slightly brown, you can still use them, but I usualy throw them out as I harvest at least 20 lbs.
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  Hello... I have grown some hops in my yard...[first timer]. My question is this... should I use the buds green or brown? I had to harvest because of frost and I have kept them separate....the "brown" ones smell great and also have loads of lupulin dust on them.If this is not a valid question for this forum please excuse me....normally I just lurk........... 
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