hist-brewing: Need help with fruit press

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Try using a nylon mesh bag such as most homebrew shops sell as grain bags;
they are very strong and should hold up.
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> I bought a fruit press last year, and it works great for grapes and other
> fruit that is left largely whole.  For things like apples and pears,
> however, which are pulped before pressing, we have been draping cloth mesh
> around the inside of the press, which work with only limited success.
> problem is that the mesh inevitably breaks, sending out a high-pressure
> stream of fruit pulp at a surprising velocity and distance, frequently
> hitting me, my husband, our friends, the side of the garage, etc.
> What do other people use to line their fruit presses?  Is there anything
> more durable that I won't have to keep replacing constantly?
> -- Joyce
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