hist-brewing: TJ ale

Justin Sarafin jsarafin at monticello.org
Mon Oct 6 10:45:15 PDT 2003

Mr. Grossman-

We recently opened the newly interpreted and furnished beer cellar here at
Monticello just this past June.  Feel free to contact me off list if you
have any questions.  I worked on this project specifically, and do not have
a "Thomas Jefferson Ale" recipe, per se, but would be happy to chat more
about this with you-


J. A. Sarafin   
Justin Alan Sarafin
Curatorial Department
Thomas Jefferson Foundation
P.O. Box 316
Charlottesville, VA  22902
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434.984.7546 (fax)
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Today's Topics:

   1. Thomas Jefferson Ale (JazzboBob at aol.com)

Does anyone have a recipe for brewing "Thomas Jefferson Ale"?  I remember 
reading it somewhere but can't locate my source.

thanks, Bob Grossman

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