hist-brewing: Call for Papers - Congress on Beer in Prehistory and Antiquity

Wed Sep 17 16:11:52 PDT 2003

CALL FOR PAPERS - International Congress on Beer in Prehistory and 
Antiquity. Barcelona, 4th-6th October 2004.

Dear colleague,

The International Congress on Beer in Prehistory and Antiquity will 
bring together international experts in archaeology and history of beer 
and fermented beverages from all the world. The Congress will take 
place in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) from 4th to 6th October 2004. 
This event is organized by the Project of Archaeology of Food at the 
Universitat de Barcelona and the Spanish Comission of the International 
Commitee of Anthropology of Food. It is supported by the Ministry of 
Education, Culture and Sports of the Spanish Government.

The programme includes invited papers by experts from Colombia, 
Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and United States of America, as well as 
contributed oral presentations and posters, covering established and 
developing areas in the field of beer in prehistory and antiquity and 
related subjects in all the world. The registration fees will be 160 


- Beer and Cereal Fermented Beverages in Archaeological Research in the 
- The Origins and Ancient History of Beer and Cereal Fermented 
Beverages (Ancient Near-East civilisations,  Egyptians, Greeks, 
Phoenicians, Punics, Greeks, Romans,
- Maize “Chichas” in the American Archaeology.
- Anthropological studies on beer applied to archaeology and history of 


Authors may list a preference for a poster or oral presentation of 
their paper, however the Congress reserves the right to place the 
contribution in either category. 

1.The abstract must be in Spanish and/or English.
2. The maximum length of the abstract is 400 words .
3. A title must be included at the top of the abstract.
4. Add author names or affiliations to the abstract text. Please, 
provide the following information: 
· last name
· first name
· title of abstract
· affiliation
· mailing address
· telephone number
· e-mail address
· oral or poster presentation preference
5.The deadline for receipt of abstracts is APRIL 30, 2004. 
6. Abstracts can either be submitted via e-mail (preferred) or via 
regular mail. 

Abstracts should be mailed to:

Dr. Jordi Juan Tresserras
Projecte Arqueologia dels Aliments
Programa de Gestió Cultural
Universitat de Barcelona
Campus Mundet
Pg.Vall d’Hebron, 171 Edif.Llevant Desp.008
E-08035-Barcelona, Spain
Tel. +34 – 93 424 80 35.
E-mail: congresocerveza at terra.es

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