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One opinion, from a search for March beer:
> "Doppel (German for "Double") is an extra-strong and rich style of lager
> beer.   It is typically offered in late winter (we think March is the
> perfect time!) as a warming beer, and warm it does!  Doppelbock was first
> brewed by the St. Francis of Paula monks, an Italian order of cloisters in
> the Bavarian Alps.  They developed this beer to sustain them through Lenten
> fasting, naming it "Salvator" (meaning "Savior").  By convention, all German
> doppelbocks follow this divine lead and have an "-ator" ending.  Many
> American microbrewers also observe this naming tradition.  Be sure and raise
> a glass of this delightful brew in honor of the St. Francis of Paula monks!
> We're quite sure you'll lose those winter doldrums in no time!"
> Further:
> " ........"Small" beer was beer made by infusing hops and malt that had
> already had one lot of beer made from it; it was thus lower in alcohol, and
> did not keep so long. By contrast, March beer, made in March when
> temperature was ideal for brewing, was unusually strong. Gervase Markham
> comments:
> [The English] have March beer, household beer, and small beer: the first is
> for strangers [visitors], the second for the Master, Mistress and better
> sort of the family, and the last is for ploughmen or hind [lower] servants."

 There does seem to be a connection. What would I do without Google
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