hist-brewing: "Dry-Hopping" Gruit Herbs

PBLoomis at aol.com PBLoomis at aol.com
Mon Jul 28 19:25:37 PDT 2003

       Saturday the 26th I brewed a 5-gallon batch of 14th century Ale I'm 
planning to take to a party next week.  I was running out of time and my 
gruiting herbs were still enroute in the mail.  Today (Monday) the gruits 
arrived and I added 2 oz alehoof and 1/2 oz yarrow by just shaking them 
in on top of the fermenting wort.  I did not stir them in, figuring they'd 
waterlogged and sink in short order.
       Anybody have any relevant experience indicating what I should 
have done better?
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