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I had been looking for Marsh Rosemary as well - and eventually found seeds
on the Internet from Siberia - but alas, they did not germinate.  I looked
for Steve's source and found it with this link:
I wondered if it comes as a small scrub - or seeds?  Sounds like a little
> ----
>    In fulfillment of a quest of years, I have finally gotten some marsh
> rosemary plants, from Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery.  It is listed under the
> old botanical name, Ledum palustre ssp. decumbens.  I don't know for sure,
> but I suspect the plants are descended from seeds brought back from
> northern China by a collecting expedition.  The plants are the true
> decumbent (sprawling) tundra form, as opposed ot the shrubby Labrador tea
> form.  The leaf margins are revolute (rolled under) though not so
> pronounced as in the european form that earns the 'rosemary' name.  They
> are apparently being sold as rock garden plants.
>             --Steve Thomas
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