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How's this:

The hypnotic shimmer of a quiet tubful of pure water, set to fire on roaring
burners, turning to steam.

Dusty malt in cloth bags, soft and sweet, the drone of a motorized grinder
falls silent. Mixing water and malt, with no small physical effort, into a
giant grape-nuts porridge stewing. Magical transformation as starches turn
to sugars as the aromas grow more intense. Sweet as candy, smooth as

Then drip, drip drip as the sugars drain away, then back onto the heat,
sizzling at first, always battling the boilover, tossing carefully measured
handfuls of hops, plucked from the yard in September, their pungent floral
resin permeating everything. Still more steam, then at last the brew is
cooled, mixed with the yeast that used to be called godisgood, into the very
very very carefully cleaned glass vessels where the yeast will work its
magic for the next week or two. Then repose, and a blurp, then two, and in a
day the yeast are in full riot, a feeding frenzy, tiny sharks on hapless
sugars, then quiescent again and it is beer.

(If you want a more technical description, there are loads of books

--Randy Mosher

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> From: "Linda Short" <linda_c001 at hotmail.com>
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> Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 18:02:07 -0500
> Subject: hist-brewing: Unusual request
> I'm doing research for one of my favorite authors
> who is writing a new book.
> Would someone help me?
> I need a description of beermaking.
> Assume the character is a modern man, who's
> worked in a microbrewery, lives near Seattle and
> has no access to electricity.
> I've already sent him a discription of
> meadmaking, but I've never made beer before.
> I need sights, sounds, smells, recipe..etc.
> =====
> -Linda-



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