hist-brewing: Cordials

rory rory at forgottensea.org
Tue Jul 1 09:58:12 PDT 2003

Tue, 1 Jul 2003 08:59:43 -0400, Bruce R. Gordon wrote
> My research indicates that freeze distillation was by no means the 
> predominant method in period - I have no doubt it was used 
> extensively, but so were other nethods. See my paper at...
> http://web.raex.com/~obsidian/precwat.html
> Bruce R. Gordon

Arguements aside. Good paper. Just it deals with mostly later period 
cordials. And for that purpose, its fine. 

But alas, I find myself at work again answering this, and will, if I 
remember, look up sources at home, but there are a couple of sources that 
site the partaking of frozen meads from northern Europe, approximately 9th 
century. And I've read of several celtic cultures making Aqua Vitale ("water 
of life" - distilled spirits) (circa 6th century) by placing their meads, 
wines and beers in freezing rivers. 

In later period, you may be correct that heat distillation was predominate. 
However, the earliest mention that I have found of heat distillation is the 
14th century. Which leaves a lot of history before that time devoted to 
freeze distilling. That is where my comment about dominance comes from, if 
that clears it up at all.


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