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Tue Jul 1 07:53:08 PDT 2003

First let me apologize for my direct email to Francois Baptiste le Renard, bad email.  ^_^  If you all do not mind, I would like to add my .02 cents to this topic, and ask a question as well.

^_^  In Amtgard cordials, and alcohol in any kind are judged primarily in a beverages catergory.  It is a more incompasing area, and gives the catergory a wide berth of selection, from a beer, to a cider.   Sometimes there are strictly brewing catergories, or that is how the creator enters them.
And really quickly, I wanted to agree with what Francois Baptiste le Renard said, brewing for the use of sale in FL is illegal.  My parents were given wine from friends who did it on a medium scale basis, and when they tried to pay the friends rejected it due to legality.

A question I did have, however, was that when you are making cordials from a pre-exsisting alcohol base (i.e. Rum, Vodka, etc), when you add the fruit, and the sugar to it, does that not ferment the fruit and increase the alcohol content?  Is that not considered brewing on some small scale?   I don't want to get anyone riled up about the subject again, I was just curious.  ^_^

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