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>> I've found that Greg Noonan's book "Scotch Ale" gives a very good 
>> description of historic (18-19th C.) brewing practices, which 
>> hadn't changed much in centuries.

Speaking of Project GutenBrew, to get out-of-copyright brewing books
on the web, would you be interested in making a photocopy that I could
scan, assuming that the copyright details are OK? I would love to get
all of the most important sources online.


Noonan's book is available in most well-stocked homebrew shops.  It's part of the "Classic Beer Styles" series put out by Brewer's Publications.  The ISBN is 0-937381-35-7.  It has an extensive bibliography, most of which would probably be very hard to find in the US.  One of these days, I'll be able to take an extended sabbatical in Europe to do some major research.  LOL!!!

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