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> It's been some time since we've done much period work, so we're kind of
> starting over here. Our mash was far too hot; we mashed in the water we knew
> we needed in order to get out the right amount, but Markham says to add
> "water near to boiling", so our mash wound up at 180F+, and we wound up
> having to add more malt to it after it has cooled some in order to get any
> conversion. Help!
       It has to do with how they added the water:  They ladled it in.
       Master Ateno and Master Geoffrey de Wigan did some experimental
work after noticing that in Markham, and developed the "Four Ounce Ladle" 
method.  For a 5 gallon batch, turn off the heat under your strike water and 
ladle it into the mash vessel with a four ounce ladle, stirring three times 
between ladles.  When you're done the mash temp will be 151-155 F.
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