hist-brewing: Cordials

Bruce R. Gordon obsidian at raex.com
Mon Jun 30 06:43:51 PDT 2003

     I've been involved in much the same sort of research - you are 
correct, "cordials" as we use the term really don't start to emerge 
much before the 15th-16th centuries. (1st appearance of the 
word "cordial" in an alcoholic sense in English is in the Prologue of 
Chaucer's Canterbury Tales).
     For what it's worth, try the link below - it's a short paper I did 
some years back on a 13th century concoction. There are links at the 
bottom of that file connecting you with a few other papers I've done on 
the subject. All have bibliographies. The collection of papers should 
give you at least a sense of what's out there, and some pointers as to 
where to head next.


Bruce R. Gordon

> I'm doing some research on cordials during the 1200's. I've 
discovered that 
> as a drink for pleasure, cordials did not really exist but there were 
> drinks that were used in a medicinal capacity that could be 
considered cordials 
> now. But I have not been able to find any recipes or documentation. 
> someone please point me in the right direction?
> Jim

Ex Tenebra, Lux


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