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>>It seems odd too, as the pease are listed at one peck (2 gallons, 1/4
>>bushel), wheat and oat malt at a half peck each, and the malt at a quarter
>>(8 bushels). Why did they even bother with the wheat and oats, they're at
>>less than 1 1/2%! I wonder if Markham mis-wrote?
>Your missive sent me scurrying to my own copy of Markham (ISBN 0-7735-1103-2, edited by Michael R. Best, 1986).  I'd never really read that recipe before.  You're right; it's weird.  Does anybody have a different edition of Markham's 
>_English_Housewife_?  Does it say the same thing (Chapter 9, section 7)??
>       Scotti
While I don't own a copy of the book in question, I think I can provide 
some insight into the use of wheat and oats.

What probably happened is that the brewer noticed through empirical 
observations that the use of small amounts of wheat contributed to 
greater head retention (everyone likes good head) and that oats 
contributed to a fuller mouthfeel which might be lacking from the use of 

As a modern professional brewer, I often use wheat and oats for just 
these purposes.

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