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> I have not heard of the four-ounce ladle method... is this for the addition 
> of the barm?
       No, it's for mash temperature control without a thermometer, since 
thermometers which could be used for this purpose are 18th century.
       Master Geoffrey de Wigan (EK) developed it, based on a remark in 
Gervase Markham (1615) about "ladling" the strike water into the grain.
It won Geoffrey his Laurel, as well it should.  Brilliant work!  Exactly what
the SCA is about!
       For five gallons, use a four-ounce ladle.  Bring your strike water to 
boil, and turn off the heat.  Ladle the water, a dipper at a time, stirring 
three strokes with your wooden spoon between dippers.  It is best to have
two people, as this gets tiring and they need to switch off.  Keep going 
until the water in the kettle is so shallow you cannot fill the dipper.  Pour
in the remainder.  Now, stick in your anachronistic thermometer; the mash
temperature will be between 150 and 154.
       Is that Neat?
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