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ulfin at portup.com ulfin at portup.com
Sun Dec 29 06:59:01 PST 2002

> Also, keep in mind that wheat is low in the enzymes that make the
>conversion to simple starches.

That's the popular myth anyway.  Not sure how it got started.
For example, Schreier's malted wheat (a few years ago, anyway
...haven't looked at the specs lately) has a higher diastatic
power than even their 6-row barley.  (I'm assuming you
meant "simple sugars" rather than "simple starches", if not
then I am in error...for all I know, wheat malt may indeed
be very high in beta gluconase, but have little alpha
amylase.  Always seemed to have enough for me, though.)

Dan Butler-Ehle

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