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Sun Dec 29 05:55:31 PST 2002

Roxanne is trying to grind wheat malt. That's different from barely malt. 
Wheat doesn't have a husk. When you grind wheat malt in a good grinder, it 
still crumbles, and gets sticky in the mash. 

All-wheat mashing is difficult at best. The wheat will not sparge well unless 
you mix it with a lot of rice hulls, fine (clean) gravel, or barley malt. The 
husk from the barely malt aids the sparge. 

 Even using your local homebrewshop's machine won't make it easy to mash the 

Also, keep in mind that wheat is low in the enzymes that make the conversion 
to simple starches. Mashing will be a long process. Modern wheat beers are a 
mix of barley and wheat, with the enzymes in the barley doing all the work.


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