hist-brewing: Re: Spanish Juice and Hartshorn Shavings

Mike Bennett mjb at efn.org
Wed Dec 18 14:37:38 PST 2002

JazzboBob at aol.com  wrote:

>The Private Brewer's Guide of 1822 mentions Spanish Juice in several Porter 
>What is this? Some form of caramel or concentrated molasses?
>Also, what are Hartshorn Shavings?
I think you're correct in assuming that Spanish Juice is molasses or 
dark cane syrup.  Hartshorn shavings are literally that... hart's horn 
shavings.  They are shavings from the horn of a hart (elk).  My guess is 
that they serve a function similar to irish moss in the boil, or as a 
fining agent if used post-fermentation.

Hope this helps.

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