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Great source is Cindy Renfrow's book, "A Sip Through Time".

Here is one I did that was without hops.
10# Maris Otter pale malt (traditional floor malting)
3# Gambrinus Honey Malt
1.5# Brown malt
1# Aromatic
1# German smoked malt      (This attempts to simulate the uneven kilning of
malt over a wood fire)
.5 ounce Yarrow
.25 ounce bog myrtle
.5 ounce marsh rosemary
2 ounces heather tips (1 ounce at biginning of boil, final ounce at last 10
.25 ounce juniper berries.
(Or substitute 1.5 ounces Fuggle hops for the gruit herbs)

Mash grains at 155 for 60 minutes.  Use first running only.  Add enough
water to runoff to bring to 6.5 gallons.  Boil for 60 mintues with gruit
herbs. Use any English or Scottish ale yeast.

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> Right gang, it's time for me to de-lurk and ask a question or two.
>  I'm an all grain brewer and have wanted to make an old all. Something
> classic and distinctive. So has anyone any favourite recipes? I'd like
> to do something Medieval or Elizabethan but am open to suggestions.
>  What do you think??
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