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Although technically not brewing, I've really enjoyed cordial making, and it
works well for holiday gifts.  I prefer to use double distilled clear
brandy, as I find that it lends very little alcohol flavor to the cordial.
Most fruits work quite nicely and I'm trying to construct an amaretto right

I don't know if anyone's worked with nut cordials before, but this might be
worth discussing.  The nuts are all stuck together and it seems a little
sludgy.  The brown coating on the almonds seems to be what has created the
sludge, as it has all separated from the nuts.  Anyone know if this is

Three things that I've found don't make very good cordials: pomegranates,
gooseberries, and pumpkin.  The pumpkin was a little weird, but not bad.
But neither was it very noteworthy.  Other things act as a better medium to
carry cinnamon, clove, allspice, and ginger.


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> Urrm Hi!
> My name is Natalia and I am new to the list.. I'm interested in learning
> about historical brewing, since me and a friend are contemplating joining
> SCA, so I want to learn about brewing. I guess the reason I especially
> to know is that I'm very picky about the types of alcohol I drink, I like
> sweet kinds where you don't taste the liquor. So far I know how to make
> cherry cordials and homemade coconut rum. Any recomendations for any
> I should try?
> Natalia
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