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RravenX at aol.com wrote:

>My name is Natalia and I am new to the list.. I'm interested in learning
>about historical brewing, since me and a friend are contemplating joining the
>SCA, so I want to learn about brewing. I guess the reason I especially want
>to know is that I'm very picky about the types of alcohol I drink, I like
>sweet kinds where you don't taste the liquor. So far I know how to make
>cherry cordials and homemade coconut rum. Any recomendations for any recipes
>I should try?

How about a sweet melomel (fruit flavored mead)?  Probably the most 
popular are raspberry, blackberry and cherry meads.

These are typically strong (14%+), and sweet, and "pretty" when well 
made.  And dangerously drinkable.  They seem to be especially popular 
with women.  You can't tell they are strong until you try to stand 
up.  In fact, because they are so harmless tasting, they are 
sometimes called LPR, or liquid panty remover.

Meads are easy to make, although really great ones take some care and 
time to mature.  If you like coconut rum, a coconut mead might be to 
your liking.

The Mead Lovers Digest http://www.talisman.com/mead/ is a good place 
to start.  There is also a newish web site run by self proclaimed 
MeadWench and SCA member Vicky Rowe at http://www.gotmead.com/.

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