hist-brewing: Seeking Rosemary-Ginger Mead Recipe

Roesia du Bois roesia_of_seagirt at mailhaven.com
Sun Nov 10 11:15:25 PST 2002


Many of you know that the annual chocolate potluck was held last week at
the charming abode of Aliena & Erasmus. Being a fellow brewer, I was
priviledged to behold Aliena's elaborate facilities in the cavernous
cellar beneath their home. Upon hearing of the various fruit and herb
wines and meads that I had been concocting this season, HE Baron Liam
described to me a delectable Rosemary-Ginger Mead that he had imbibed. I
have a bountiful harvest of Rosemary this fall and would very much like
to attempt this intriguing brew. If any among ye knowest the identity of
the ingenious meadmaker of whom His Excellency spoke, I beg of you to
enjoin them to impart their renowned recipe for this exotic elixir so
that I may humbly endeavour to emulate their example. Whomever succeeds
in acquiring the object of my quest will have my boundless gratitude (and
a sampling of the assorted nectar that hath been gleaned from nature's
bountiful harvest.)

Yours in Service,
Roesia du Bois

I was wondering if you could try to track down that recipe for
me, or put me in touch with the meadmaker who concocted it so I could
request it? 
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