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Sun Sep 1 15:02:29 PDT 2002

    From a correspondent on another list.  My guess is she made a 

> I accidently brewed something at Pennsic. It started life as a wonderful
> apricot-peach herbal tea, sweetened with honey and with non-dairy creamer
> added. I left it out on the back of the table, in direct sunlight, forgot
> about it for two days and it started actively brewing (bubbling and
> swirling). About a week later, it had separated into curd-like clumps and a
> nifty amber liquid. James threw it out before I had a chance (the nerve) to
> taste it. This thread has me thinking... could I duplicate it again? Could
> it actually have been potable? It was boiling hot when I sealed it in the
> container... I never opened it... Dang, that would have been one weird
> experiment. Now I'm curious!!!
> Who brews? Could I have accidently re-invented something?

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