hist-brewing: Woodruff and mead or beer

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Sun Sep 1 08:22:07 PDT 2002

Ah, at last, something I can add to a thread!  I lived in Germany for a
couple of years in a little farming community outside a larger town.
Engern, outside Statdt Rinteln, in Kreis Niedersachson to be precise (excuse
the last spelling if wrong).  Mai Bier and Mai Bolla were always favorites
of mine at spring and summer fest times.

To the point, I wish I could find my old recipes from there, but wild
something is the German term for woodruff and the mai bola you speak of, at
least in modern times. is an infusion.  Either start with a sparkling white
semi dry wine, or 2 parts wine to 1 part sparkling water, take a "bundle" of
woodruff stems, about an inch thick and 4 or 5 inches long tied up and drop
it into the wine and leave it for several hours.

Again, this may be a local way of making it or simply modern way, I've not
done any research on it, but maybe that adds something to the pot.

Take care,
Bob Alley
sca.  Lord Robert Stonor (15th century as well)
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> Hello, this is my first venture out to this list although I've been
> absorbing all of the information everyone's been putting out  since I've
> signed on. I am developing a persona who is a brewster from 15th century
> Saxony and can use all of the help I can get. Being a college student, my
> funding for brewing is limited but wanted to see about the possibility of
> using woodruff for mead or beer. I have heard about May wine being made
> the blossoms, but how about the shrubbery? Has anyone done something like
> this?Btw, Matt, excellent meads indeed, and sometime I'll get out of
> Sellwood to your shop.
> Thanks,Alanna
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