hist-brewing: Kumiss

PBLoomis at aol.com PBLoomis at aol.com
Fri Aug 30 20:13:52 PDT 2002

    Has anybody tried making kumiss?
    Some non-brewing friends of mine have inquired about brewing kumiss:

> Scotti, I'm wondering if it might be worthwhile to brew up a batch of 
>  kumiss from the substitute ("foal's milk") anyway, in order to get the 
>  process straight. Since it's unlikely that we'll get our hands on the real 
>  thing until next spring (Nature and Nurture- most mares foal in early 
>  spring) it might help us make sure we don't waste what we do get, if 
>  we get some.
    I told them I had no idea whether the synthetic would ferment the same 
way as the Real Thing, and that further I had no idea what yeast to use.


    Knowledge is never wasted, nor is the time to acquire it.

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