hist-brewing: Re: "Squeaky" plum wine!

Jeff Renner JeffRenner at comcast.net
Sun Aug 25 17:08:52 PDT 2002

"Roesia du Bois" <roesia_of_seagirt at mailhaven.com> wrote:

>the sound of the fermenting and CO2 escaping from the aitlock
>is driving my Jack Russell nuts... He seems to think that there is a
>squeaky toy hidden on thw shelf behind the carboys that I won't let him
>play with... If I forget to close the door to the brewing/laundry room,
>then inevitably he is in there whining at the plum wine! Any other
>brewers with pets have similar experiences?

No similar experience, but some advice to keep Jack happy.  Air locks 
are greatly over-rated - you can just remove it and replace it with 
some plastic wrap or foil.  The only thing it does is let you know 
how fast it is fermenting.  This isn't critical.  The foil or plastic 
wrap will keep nasties from creeping back into the ferment.

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