hist-brewing: "Squeaky" plum wine!

Roesia du Bois roesia_of_seagirt at mailhaven.com
Fri Aug 23 05:54:35 PDT 2002

I have two huge plum trees in my yard, so I decided to harvest a bunch
and try to make some wine with them... It seems to be coming along
well, but the sound of the fermenting and CO2 escaping from the aitlock
is driving my Jack Russell nuts... He seems to think that there is a
squeaky toy hidden on thw shelf behind the carboys that I won't let him
play with... If I forget to close the door to the brewing/laundry room,
then inevitably he is in there whining at the plum wine! Any other
brewers with pets have similar experiences?
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(I like feeling special.)

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