hist-brewing: Yeasts have two sexes??

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>  from The San Francisco Chronicle
>  It's not much as sex shows go, but researchers at the Molecular Sciences
>  Institute must find it captivating.
>  In their offices overlooking the downtown Berkeley BART station, they plan
>  to spend the next five years studying in mathematical detail the mating
>  rituals of yeast.
>  "Yeast comes in two sexes," said Roger Brent, president of the nonprofit
>  think-tank. They don't lead a very interesting life, he says, but sex is
>  one of the benefits.
>  Using a newly announced $15.5 million grant from the Human Genome Project,
>  Brent will enlist 40 academic scientists, including UC Berkeley chemistry
>  Professor Julie Leary, in an effort that exemplifies the fundamental
>  premise of biotechnology.
>  <http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?
>  file=/chronicle/archive/2002/08/19/BU141187.DTL>

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