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Marc Shapiro m_shapiro at bigfoot.com
Mon Jul 8 07:33:30 PDT 2002

As others have said, I prefer to boil the water, remove from the heat
and add the honey.  This does a good job of sanitation from my point of

I try to avoid the use of sulfites (excvept for sanitizing equipment)
whenever possible.

I have spent many years booth entering and judging fermented beverages
in the SCA.  I have received and given excellent scores and have never
counted off, or benn counted off, for not boiling the must.




jpbrew wrote:
> Let me add alittle to the first question concerning boiling honey for mead.
> For SCA competition, I would think that boiling the mead would be consistent
> with period recipes, and therefore necessary if entering a mead in such a
> competition. Am I right in assuming this?
> Johann

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