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Depending on storage conditions (heat, humidity, insects, etc) I would say
no longer than a year.
Bulk purchase of grains can save $$, but if you end up wasting some...
The Home Beer, Wine Cheesemaking shop in Woodland Hills, CA will allow you
to buy a "grain card" for $50.  You can buy any grain in whatever quantities
you want whenever you need it at bulk grain prices.  If you are in the LA
area it would be worth checking out.  Your local shop may have a similar


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>     Anybody know what the shelf life of malted grain is under good
> conditions?
>     I buy barley malt and malted oats in 50 or 55 lbs bags, and store
> them in Malt Vaults, but it takes me about two years to go through a
> bag of malted oats.
>     Scotti
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