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> On Jul 01, Gardengate32 at aol.com illuminated :

> historic brewing has WHAT to do with eucalyptus or mangoes?  i would like to 
> be removed from this list.  thank you.  brent
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now, regarding eucalyptus, in Australia (and a couple of other countries
now too) there are many many eucalypt trees and a lot of honey is made from
them making it a high availability honey.  If you want to get pedantic
about using ingredients and brewing techniques of period times, will you
also drink the products that come out?  Never forget that the modern day
palette is very different from that of 200+ years ago.  and brewing
techniques of today are much cleaner and precise than those of 100 let
alone 200 years ago.
We ferment what is available now.  Be that eucalypt, clover, <random flower>
honey.  and fruits.  every possible fruit.  
this is far less off topic than some discussions I see on other historical
lifestyle lists I am on.

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