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Let me add alittle to the first question concerning boiling honey for mead.
For SCA competition, I would think that boiling the mead would be consistent
with period recipes, and therefore necessary if entering a mead in such a
competition. Am I right in assuming this?
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> > On Jun 30, jpbrew illuminated :
> > Hi all.   I have two questions that I would like some in put on.
> > First-To boil or not to boil honey for meads.
> >
> either or, take your preference.  Both methods work.  My preference (in
> few batches of mead I've made) is to slowly simmer with the lid on the
> All the impurities still float to the top, but the lid catches most of the
> volatiles.  I open it up occasionally and skim the scum off the surface.
> > Second- I'm going to try to make a Mango Melomel.
> >
> good luck!  i've tasted a couple of commercial mango wines and one tasted
> vaguely like mangoes, the other tasted quite strongly of them.  I am a big
> big fan of mangoes and have contemplated fermenting them but they usually
> eaten before I reach that stage! Let us know how it goes.
> ./Jp
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