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Sun Jun 30 20:21:11 PDT 2002

Hi all.   I have two questions that I would like some in put on.
First-To boil or not to boil honey for meads.  I have read books and seen recipes suggesting one or the other.  A book I have, " Making Meads" byBryan Action and Peter Duncan suggests that if you boil the honey, too much is removed from the honey during the boil and therefore makes for a lower quality mead. They suggest rather to use sulphite (campden tablets). Others I have talked to suggest that the boil is necessary because too many impurities exist in raw honey and could result in a off tasting mead.  I don't doubt anyone's knowledge on this as I'm sure their experience has lead them to these conclusions, but I would like more opinions please.

Second- I'm going to try to make a Mango Melomel. Those who I know who have tried this say that the finished product really didn't taste very much like mangos at all, so I'm going to use about 10 pounds of mango pulp and Thistle honey, which is very light in color and somewhat mild in flavor, thereby hopefully bringing out the mango flavor.  Any suggestions or experience using mangos would be greatly appreciated.

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