hist-brewing: eucalyptus honey

Jones, Craig Craig.Jones at airservices.gov.au
Thu Jun 27 18:02:00 PDT 2002

> >
> > I have to say that I disagree with that despite what I've heard as
> > The one I did turned out wonderfully light in flavor with a hint of
> > eucalyptus 'twang'.
> Living in Australia I use Eucalyptus honey in beer and meads alla
> They come out fine, even after 18 months fermenting/secondarying/bulk
> aging
> Tom Smit

Also being an Australian brewer (mainly mead) I would have to disagree
slightly with Tom.  I find that if you are planning a brew, the milder
honeys are much better.  I found that some varieties of Eucalyptus make
for very objectionable mead which need extensive aging:

Good Varieties:
Red River Gum,
Mallee Gum,
Woolly and Stringy Bark.

Heavy Varieties requiring Aging:
Blue Gum,
all the boxes, ESPECIALLY Yellow Box.

Just my Opinion,


Ps.  Patterson's Curse and Canola (although not eucalyptus) make good
mead, as does Leatherwood (but I alone in that regard...)

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