hist-brewing: Stuck Fermentation ???

Kenton Henry kenton at trip-quest.com
Mon Jun 17 09:10:42 PDT 2002

Working on a blackberry mead which was, up until two days ago fermenting
fine, with one major exception.  I noticed that approx. 4 days after
straining the berries from the must and racking into the secondary
fermenter, the beginnings of a mold growing on the surface of the must.
Fearing the worst (infection during the straining process) I removed the
must from the carboy and proceeded to sterilize it by raising the
temperature to 170degrees F and holding for 10 minutes.  Then racked back
into the carboy.  Allowed the must to cool overnight, then pitched yeast.
Almost 48 hours have elapsed and there is no sign of renewed fermentation.
Total time of fermentation was just over 10 days, Not sure of the s.g. of
the must, however it was pretty heavy on the honey - 3lbs / gallon plus any
fermentables in the blackberries.  Open to suggestions, but need them soon,
as I fear losing the entire batch.

Kenton Henry

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