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Thu May 30 15:32:54 PDT 2002

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> I checked out the following links from Scottie:
>  Suggested Sources for buying dried herbs
>  www.leavesandroots.com/herb/herbs.html
>  www.jjherbs.com
>  www.pennherb.com
>  and found that jjherbs.com was not available (nor was jherbs.com) - and
>  leavesandroots.com is findable only as leavesandroots.com, not by the whole
>  link above.  Pennherb was quite a nice site.  I would also like to 
>  http://wildweeds.com - it is the only site I've been able to find bulk wild
>  rosemary.  Also they sell seeds.  As I said in a previous email I found
>  seeds in Siberia:  http://www.thealpinegarden.com/seedlist.htm.
>  For other seeds I really like http://thymegarden.com/
    Thanks for the doublecheck.  I too can no longer get to jjherbs, even
from my bookmark.  8-(
    Knowledge is never wasted, nor is the time to acquire it.

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