hist-brewing: Gruit herbs (was: Marsh Rosemary)

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> In the Netherlands, which hasn't been mentioned in this debate yet, I think
>  (PBL this may be useful for you) the regular ingredients in gruit in the
>  early 15th century seem to have been Myrica gale ("gagel"); Echium vulgare,
>  viper's bugloss ("slangekruid"), a member of the borage family; bay laurel
>  berries (as used, of course, by the wife of the Elizabethan writer William
>  Harrison in her beer brewing); and something called "hars", resin, origin
>  and nature unspecified. My source here is a book called 'Bier: geschiedenis
>  van een Volksdrank', published in English in 1994 as Beer! The story of
>  Holland's favourite drink, which has a fascinating chapter on gruit.
    Thank you.
    Anybody have anymore info on viper's bugloss, bay laurel berries, or 
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