hist-brewing: Crystal Malt and Torrified Wheat

PBLoomis at aol.com PBLoomis at aol.com
Sat May 25 08:29:07 PDT 2002

    I have been told that both crystal malt and torrified wheat, like patent 
malt, are made in a sealed kiln which was developed about 1800 AD, and 
is beyond the capabilities of pre-Industrial Age technology.  Can anybody
give me a bibliographic citation confirming or denying this?
    What I was told is that, in making crystal malt, the sealed kiln is 
heated to a temperature at which the complex sugars in the green malt 
dissolve in the residual water.  This destroys the amylase enzymes.  
Then the pressure is released, and the malt is cooled rapidly by the 
adiabatic expansion.  The sugars crystallize out, and are thereafter much 
harder for any amylase enzymes to break down.  They remain complex, 
and contribute both mouthfeel and sweetness to the resulting beer.
    Similarly, for torrified wheat, when the pressure is released, the wheat
grains pop like Puffed Wheat ("Shot from Guns") only not as much.
    Can anybody help me?
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